Our modern world is chock full of activities for our families to participate in. Soccer for kids, yoga for mom, golf for dad. We run around from one activity to the next so everyone gets time to enjoy their activity. Recreation is scheduled and executed with precise pick up and drop off times that would make an air traffic controller envious. With the surgical precision comes monotony and before you know it the very thing we were looking to escape has snuck in to our recreation. What makes stand up paddle boarding so different? Time stands still on the water.

Occasionally we find something to do where the entire family can participate but those opportunities are scarce.  Stand up paddle boarding is a lifestyle and a great opportunity to get the whole family out on the water for an afternoon. SUP has something to offer for everyone.  Parents can get in a little exercise, tweens can explore, and little ones can watch for marine life or even stand and paddle on their own. If paddling yourself doesn’t suit you, be a passenger. Three Brothers boards offers boards in all sizes for every member of your family, in addition to boards for multiple passengers such as the Double Up.

The chance to get the whole family involved in an outdoor healthy activity is one that is undervalued. Performing any sort of group activity together helps the family spend quality time together but stand up paddle boarding as a family assures smiles all around.

If your kids have four legs and a tail no, problem. Three Brothers boards has a model large or stable enough to accommodate your dog no matter their size. Don’t forget to use a pet life jacket.

So you have found something to do and have the best boards to do it on. Now where to go?

Here in sunny central Florida we have endless areas to explore with barrier islands and sandbars as well as springs and mangrove tunnels. We really do have virtually every SUP scenario from surf, to lakes to open ocean. The one place that seems to be very popular with families on SUPS is islands, not far from shore but far enough away to be disconnected from all the distractions while close enough to pack a lunch and enjoy a short paddle to get there, then spread out a beach towel and enjoy the day while kids play on the island. Stand up paddle boarding truly is a lifestyle. A staycation can instantly become a vacation full of memories. The rigors of everyday life can simply slip away as time stands still on the water.