The questions we get asked the most:

Q: Do we ship paddle boards?

A: Absolutely, in fact most of the paddle boards we make are shipped and we get great shipping rates.

Q: How long does it take to ship a Paddle Board?

A: We can ship a paddle board anywhere in the continental United States, right to your doorstep, fully insured, in 3-10 business days depending on where you are. We ship SUP boards all over the world, feel free to call or email us for a fast shipping quote anywhere.

Q: Can you ship outside of the United States?

A: We ship SUP boards all over the world. Feel free to call or email us for a custom shipping quote outside of the United States.

Q: How much does it cost to ship a stand up paddle board?

A: Because we ship a good amount of SUP boards we get great shipping rates, we can ship board anywhere in continental United States, right to your door step, fully insured for $200 – $220 (based on board length). Also, the shipping rates are a lot less per board when you order more than one board.

Q: How do I know which paddle board is the best fit for me?

A: Knowing which paddle board is the best fit for you can sometimes be tricky. We encourage you to email or call us and speak to one of our experienced staff members so that we can ask you a series of important questions that will help us determine what board will fit you best.

Q: How durable are the boards?

A: Every board we make has reinforced rails giving you protection in all of the areas you are most likely to need it. All of our boards are hand made with the best materials on the market and built to last you a lifetime.

Q: Are the boards heavier or lighter than most other boards on the market?

A: Some people think that our paddle boards are solid wood and weigh hundreds of pounds. In fact, our boards are generally lighter in weight and easier to carry than most boards. By using the highest quality materials on the market, we are able to obtain more strength with less weight..

Q: Are the boards easy to carry?

A: All of our boards feature a “tucked under handle” that allows your hand to curve in and around the handle making it very easy to carry. We also offset our handles so that a person with long or short arms can carry the board from either side.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required for the boards?

A: Due to the high quality of our materials and craftsmanship our boards are built to last you a lifetime however we do recommend you rinse off your deck pad after using the board in salt water or dirty water.

Q: Do the boards come with fins?

A: Absolutely, all of our boards come with fins.

Q: Can I get the bungees tie downs on any board?

A: Yes, we can install any type of bungee set up you would like on any board.

Q: Can I get a fishing set up on any board?

A: Yes, we can install a full fishing setup on any paddle board.

Florida Manatee & Dolphin Safety For Paddleboarders

Florida Manatee & Dolphin Safety For Paddleboarders

The Florida waterways are a magical place! They are full of natural beauty, home to thousands of wildlife species, and offer a great source of entertainment. This is why we offer paddle board tours in several locations all around the state. While on tour, we...

Gift Ideas for the Paddle Boarder in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the Paddle Boarder in Your Life

A lot of us have friends and loved ones who can't get enough of paddle boarding. Most of them already have their own paddle board but do they have everything they need to get the best experience on the water. Below are the top 5 gift ideas for the paddle boarder in...

Board Care Tips

Board Care Tips

Following some basic care guidelines will keep your Three Brothers Stand Up Paddle board in pristine condition for years to come. If you are unsure of, or have questions regarding the care and maintenance of your board, please contact us during normal business hours and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

Classic Boards, Endless Lifestyle

Throughout time, designs, looks, and styles come and go. Some shockingly come back and others are gone for good. There are exceptions, however.  Certain designs are timeless and here to stay.  They looked amazing when first introduced 60 years ago and are still amazing today. We refer to this as a classic. A 330 Ferrari, a Chris Craft Boat, a Woodie surfboard… all classics, things that never go out of style.

At Three Brothers, we don’t want your board to just look good for a year, or even for the next ten.  We want your board to be a classic. It will be a board that looks great and is in-style forever. This is why our designs go back in time to the era of the classic - the Woodies. All of our designs are inspired by those classic boards from the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Our goal for your board is simple - when retiring your board after decades of use, your grandchildren will be fighting over who gets to display it in their home. Now that's a classic.