KanuLock 13 Ft. Locking Tie-Down Straps



Kanulock lockable and steel reinforced roof rack straps. 13 ft/4.0m

Can hold up to 2 boards.

KanuLocks are the easiest way to tie-down and lock your Three Brothers Boards SUPs. Simply tie-down your boards with the KanuLock straps, if leaving unattended, lock the buckles with the key. It is that simple! With KanuLock straps, your board can’t be slid out, the straps are reinforced with stainless steel and can’t be cut with a knife. They make less wind noise and are very easy to use. Lock any board to any roof-rack.

• How do they work? Simple to use, they work the same way as a regular set of tie-downs, however they have the added benefits of key lockable buckles and reinforced straps that cannot be cut by knife.

• Can they be cut? Reinforced with 2 x 2.4m Stainless Steel cables, KanuLock straps cannot be cut with a blade or knife.

• Can my board be slid out? The widest part of most boards can be positioned between the front and back straps making it impossible to be slid forward or backwards out of the straps.


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