Inflatable Life Jacket – Onyx M16 Belt Pack




Onyx M-16 Belt Pack Manual Inflatable Life Jacket (PFD)- inflates by manual activation or oral inflation. Convenient, compact belt pack style allows for total freedom of movement when fishing, flat water paddling, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), sailing, recreational boating and hunting. Provides comfort, safety and peace of mind without knowing you have it on, until you may need it. Zippered pocket for convenient storage of keys, cell phone, license, etc. Relia Pull Guide for predictable inflation and assists in repacking. Reflective piping for increased visibility. Convenient reusable mesh storage/carry bag.

Universal size fits adults over 80 lbs.
Not approved for children under 16 years of age
For replacement CO2 cartridge, use Onyx Rearming Kit K301
* U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type V Life Jacket / Personal Flotation Device PFD with Type III Performance ** Item contains a CO2 cylinder and may not be available to ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

The United States Coast Guard now classifies stand up paddle boards as a vessel as they do kayaks and canoes. Therefore this classification requires, by federal law, that each person must have a personal flotation devise (PFD) and safety whistle ‘on board’ while paddling outside surfing and swimming zones. The enforcement of this law began on May 1, 2011 with $250 violations being cited by Lifeguards. This is is a simple, quick, easy and inexpensive way to adhere to this mandate.


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