One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to stand up paddleboards. While it is true that a medium sized board will accommodate a wide variety of riders, having a professional size a board for you will ensure you are on equipment that is most appropriate for your frame. So why can’t we all just ride big boards? Frequently novice paddlers will choose a board that is larger than they need as it is what they feel most comfortable on initially. This is a normal process and a good case for taking lessons and renting a board for your first few times out.  As they either take lessons or build confidence on their own, their skill level will improve as well as their confidence. At some point they will feel comfortable enough to want to paddle a smaller more agile board suited to their frame.


If one size doesn’t fit all, what size board do I need? Well this is a question best answered by a SUP professional. Many factors come into play, your height/weight, balance, skill level, intended use (touring, racing, surfing, yoga, island hopping, carrying a cooler or passenger, use by more than one family member and many other factors need to be considered. So what are my options, doesn’t Three Brothers boards make just 3 sizes of boards? While 10’6”, 11’4” and 12’ have been our most popular sizes in the past, we have also made 12’6” race boards but now we have a variety of new offerings.


Let’s start small and work our way up. The most overlooked class of SUP is also one of the most exciting-the Groms, the munchkins, the kids. If one size doesn’t fit all, it certainly doesn’t fit them. Kids have better balance than most adults so when they ride adult sized SUPs the challenge is lost on them. They master it pretty quick but have to work harder to propel a board that is too big for them. Enter the Woodrow, at just 8’ in length it is tailor made for the little ones and will respond to their every command. Wrapped in a classic light wood finish it can be handed down to other siblings for years to come.


Like a smaller board for surfing? Moving up to 9’ we have the ultimate in Surf SUP, the Rico. With a carbon fiber, vector net mesh and woodgrain construction this board is made to shred waves all day long. With high performance surf in mind this board has the strength and lightness to keep even seasoned vets entertained.


At just 10’ the Cam is geared towards women or teens. Lighter in weight and easy to handle this board will provide the stability while still delivering a crisp and agile feel. With a light and dark wood motif this board will look good on your roof rack, beneath your feet at your favorite paddle spot or hanging from the wall as it truly is a piece of art.


At 10’6” we have the very popular Blondie a longtime favorite of Three Brothers riders everywhere. The full nose, mellow rocker and pulled tail make it a favorite in the surf but it also does well in flatwater, touring, fitness and more.


As we move up to 11’4” we have two boards in this size, the popular Irish Twin with a classic throwback light and dark wood color scheme joined this year by the Chris board. This model harkens back to the era of power boating’s heyday with a classic finish and stripes to match. This size, at 11’4” length and a svelte 29” width will cut the water with speed normally reserved for race or touring boards. The Three Brothers 11’4” boards have placed in many races and surprised crowds everywhere.


Enter the iconic Jason Ryan. At 12’ the “Jason” is stable and can carry larger passengers and coolers with ease. Load up your fishing gear, this board can carry it all and do it in style. Easily our most popular design the Jason Ryan is a direct throwback to the Woodie designs of yesteryear. This is the board that sparks conversation wherever it goes.


In a hurry? At 12’6” the Racer is built for speed. With a displacement hull and just enough rocker to tame the rough water the Racer is the touring board of choice. With cargo straps you can load up and head off to far off destinations or hit the race circuit while looking good doing so.


When going it solo isn’t your thing grab the 14’ Double Up. While it can be paddled solo, this board is designed to accommodate two passengers. It will easily carry you and a paddle partner to your favorite SUP destination along with all your gear.


So as you see, one size truly doesn’t fit all when it comes to stand up paddle boards.