The old song Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two) was written in 1892 and contained the now famous lyric “a bicycle built for two”. The song was written by English composer Harry Dacre who when coming to the United Sates was charged import duty on his bicycle. Another composer joked  ” lucky you didn’t bring a bicycle built for two, otherwise you’d have to pay double duty”. Dacre was so impacted by the term “bicycle built for two” that he soon after used it in his famous in a song. There have been many references over the years to meaning of the lyrics but all seem to agree it is tied to love, just as a SUP built for two.

Also during 18th Century England, the occasion now known as Valentine’s Day first became associated with love and courtship. During the month of February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to love.

On a bicycle or SUP built for two may not have the same poetic ring to it as the song, riding the Double Up board is an art form. The Double Up stand up paddle board from Three Brothers boards is a SUP designed specifically to carry two riders. Fourteen feet in length and 38” in width coupled with a thickness of 7.5” means a weight capacity of 600lbs.What it also means is fun, a lot of fun for you and one or two family members.

What is it like to paddle a tandem SUP? Do we paddle simultaneously on the same side, opposing sides? It is a blast no matter how you do it. While syncing your stroke on the same side can definitely can you moving quickly, paddling on opposite sides can be great for a leisurely pace similar to the mechanics of paddling a canoe with 2 people.

Would you like to explore an area that is further from your launch than you feel your partner would be able to paddle? Riding the Double Up allows one person to be seated and take a break if need be, which is valuable for paddlers of mixed strength. If you are bringing a new person along, the Double Up is stable enough for them to learn on while you provide the momentum. Stability is a non-issue with the Double Up, two people can comfortably paddle and move around on the board while feeling secure.

So during the month of love be sure to listen to the song “On a bicycle or SUP built for two” and test out the Three Brothers boards Double Up with your loved one (or loved ones).