How can you keep your beautiful Three Brothers SUP looking new? After purchasing your board, one of the first accessories to invest in is a board bag or at least a board sock. A board bag is padded so it insulates your board from mild abrasions during transport and storage. They are also reflective to keep the sun off the surface of your board. While the board was designed to be used outdoors, it keeps cool by staying in the water. Out of the water your board can heat up very quickly. Too much sun and heat can cause damage to your board. A board sock is simply a cover that slides on the board to keep the top side from over exposure to the sun.


When approaching docks be wary of letting your board directly contact any surfaces such as pilings that may be covered in barnacles. The safest entry and exit points are sandy shorelines when available. If approaching the shore, stop when your board reaches knee deep instead of running it up on the shore, small rocks can damage the underside of your board.


Done paddling for the day? Resist the urge to put your wet board back in the bag and seal it up. The heat and moisture inside the sealed bag can cause resin damage. Keep a small towel in your gear bag and wipe down your board after use, or let it sit out to dry for a short time before putting it in the bag. Another option is leaving an opening in the bag so it can “breathe”.


OK, you’ve made it home, now what? One of the best ways to keep your SUP looking new is to rinse it with fresh water. Here in Florida, boards get used in salt water frequently and salt is corrosive. Rinse your board off completely, be sure to rinse the mat, handle and relief valve as well. Salt caked up in the valve can cause it to malfunction. If you have paddled in fresh water it is still a good idea to rinse your board, especially if you have been paddling near marinas where boats can leak/bilge various chemicals. If your board gets a dirt build up on it, use a mild detergent or boat rinse and ensure it is completely rinsed so your mat does not become slippery.


With these simple steps you will keep your Three Brothers SUP looking good for years to come.