Our Story

Three Brothers Boards Young 2Our story starts out very similar to a lot of yours, I am sure. Three brothers who grew up in the water and loved surfing. Like most brothers, arguing with each other was a regular part of our every day, but no matter what was going on, the second our feet hit the water, it all disappeared. I can’t really explain it, but being in the ocean just made everything great. It was almost like there was an invisible line we had crossed once we hit the water and it was a different world – A world where negativity and arguments were not allowed.

Like most brothers, as we grew up, we went in separate directions. Our connection with the water always remained. When we were younger, we had hoped to make our love of surfing into a career by opening our own board shop. It had always been a dream, one of those things we were going to do, but just never got around to it.

In the beginning of 2009, our youngest brother, Jason, unexpectedly passed away. The idea of opening a surf shop wasn’t a thought in our minds. Our dream would probably never become a reality.

About eight months after our loss, I was out paddling. I suddenly felt a peace and closeness to Jason I never thought I’d ever be able to experience again. The second I came in, I immediately called my other brother and said we need to open the shop – the three of us. Jason may not be here physically, but he is just as much a part of it as we are.

This is our story. It’s never too late, no matter how impossible or distant the dream. It’s never too late.