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Fishing from a SUP

In 2013 nearly 2 million new participants took to the sport of Stand Up Paddle boarding according to the Outdoor Industry Association. The options for these new paddlers include touring, SUP surfing, fitness/yoga, racing and fishing.


After having checked off a couple of requisite boxes in the SUP bucket list, frequently the topic of fishing from a SUP arises. Usually in a “hey can you really fish from these?” kinda way, in the same way one would ask if rainbows really have a pot of gold. We know the answer but ask anyway hoping for a favorable response. Well in this case you lucked out as the answer is “YES” you absolutely are able to fish from a SUP. In fact, you owe it to yourself to try it.


Prior to doing so there are a few things to consider, ¬†firstly the board itself should be a large stable board such as the Three Brothers boards 12′ Jason Ryan which affords the rider with a wide well balanced platform from which to begin your SUP fishing adventure. Typically you would want to bring along a cooler, rod holder and a bait bucket. These are all items that will fit on the Three Brothers boards 12′ Jason Ryan. In fact you can order a rod holder as an option on your new board or have your current board outfitted with Connex fittings by Lift SUP to allow customized attachments from a rod holder, to camera or lashing straps.


Once on the water your options are numerous. Many find SUP fishing in the flats affords them easy access to the shallow areas they would otherwise miss by boat. The shallows are also a good place to hone your SUP fishing skills with the safety of shallow water. Of course deeper water fishing is always an option. If venturing out to deeper water follow all applicable boating regulations and either bring a buddy or at minimum notify a responsible party of your plans.


Be prepared with the right bait and rigging for the conditions. See your local bait shop for advice, if on the Gulf Coast stop in to one of two locations for Angler 360 Bait, Tackle and Apparel. We spoke with owner Logan Langlois recently regarding fishing the local waters of Tampa Bay. According to Langlois summer and winter fishing in Tampa Bay provides inshore shallow water anglers in all capacities a chance to target Redfish, Snook, Trout, Cobia, and tarpon among many others. You don’t have to travel far to locate these species. We have miles of salt water inlets, estuaries, bays, even ponds that hold plenty of fish year round. During the summer months we recommend live bait, large pin fish or grass grunts, medium shrimp, finger mullet, and creek chubs. Tampa Bay in the winter months really heats up. With the warmer water temperature that our neighboring gulf waters afford we see a heavy influx of trout, redfish, sheepshead, and snook migrate ¬†directly into our backyards making for some excellent fishing for waders, kayakers, boaters, and stand up paddle boarders. Smaller live bait such as shrimp, creek chubs, small pin fish, and finger mullet are very effective with little to no weight necessary.




Please be sure to wear a PFD and have a whistle or other signaling device on board as well as have your FL fishing license handy ( ). Three Brothers boards carries a full line of PFDs to help you get on the water and do it safely.


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About Angler 360

Angler 360 has been in business for just over a year and carries a wide range freshwater and saltwater tackle live bait apparel and just about everything that ranges the whole spectrum of salt water and some fresh water fishing. Yes even beer:). They offer rod and reel repair as well as custom rod building. They pride themselves in being a grass roots organization that strives to support and carry as many local companies as possible. We will go out of our way to provide top notch customer service and educate locals and tourists on responsible fishing.