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Stand-Up Paddleboard Tour Participants Witness Rare Twin Manatee Birth
A Three Brothers Boards paddleboard tour made the news when participants were able to witness a manatee give birth to two calves in theHalifax River around City Island in Daytona Beach on Friday, April 22, 2011.  The rare event was captured on video by tour guide Austin Marvin, of Three Brothers Boards in Daytona Beach, FL.   The paddleboarders heard the water moving and saw a manatee surface, a red patch of water, and then another baby calve appear. A few short moments later an additional baby manatee appeared at the surface and took a breath of air.

This was a once in a lifetime moment for these paddleboarders, as a manatee biologist told the Daytona News Journal that two births at the same time was not common. Three Brothers Boards has taken paddlers out on hundreds of tours before but have never witnessed this before. Justin Murray and Austin Marvin were in awe at what they saw. "You can expect to see a variety of marine life when you paddle around on one of our tours, but this was amazing. I feel so lucky to have gotten this on video," says Marvin, who recorded the event with his HD camera that he brings on tours to take pictures of the participants as souvenirs. "I think they got quite a tour," says Marvin.

Watch the video below, or read the article in the Daytona Beach News Journal from Saturday, April 23rd, 2011.

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